Kuwaiti Ministry of Health: 43 confirmed cases of corona in the country


Today, Thursday, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health confirmed that there are 43 cases of corona in the country, and the official added that all cases were people who traveled to Iran.

It is noteworthy that the Speaker of the National Assembly in the State of Kuwait, Marzouq Al-Ghanim, said that after coordination and agreement with the Prime Minister and a large group of deputies, he will invite a special session to discuss the implications of the spread of the Corona virus and the governmental measures taken to confront this disease..

Al-Ghanem added, according to Article 72 of the internal regulations of the National Assembly, and after coordination with the Prime Minister and a group of deputies, an invitation will be made to hold the special session next Sunday at twelve thirty in the afternoon.

Al-Ghanem indicated that during the session, the Kuwaiti parliamentarians and people will be informed of all the measures that have been taken, the readiness of the government and its preparations to confront this disease and limit its spread in all transparency and clarity, where the Minister of Health and his specialized team will give a detailed presentation regarding the medical and preventive measures taken.

Al-Ghanem stressed the importance of holding this session at this time until all information and data related to this matter are clarified and responding to all rumors and false information that may cause panic and fear among citizens and residents..

Al-Ghanem stressed the necessity of joining together and joining everyone in its position in order to preserve the safety of everyone residing on this land, asking God to protect Kuwait and its people from all evil and misfortune.


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