Learn about Carton’s promise to Mostafa Fathi after being excluded from the Esperance Trilogy


A promiseFor French Patrice Carteron, Technical Director of ZamalekMostafa Fathi, the white team’s playmaker, by obtaining opportunities to participate mainly with the white team in the next stage, especially in local competitions.

Mostafa Fathi moved away from the participation accounts in the last period in Zamalek, but Cartieron assured the player that all players are within his interests and accounts, especially that the team participates in a different set of tournaments, so the French coach is looking for his motivation to be ready in the next stage, especially since the team needs efforts All players, especially with the start of the second round of the Premier League competition, are approaching.

Carteron, Mostafa Fathi, was recently excluded from the team’s list in the face of Tunisian Esperance, which ended in Zamalek winning three goals to one goal, in the away leg of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, in the match that brought them together the day before yesterday, Friday, at Cairo International Stadium .

Mustafa Fathi did not participate in the local supercar that preceded that match, which witnessed Zamalek’s victory over Al-Ahly on penalties after the end of the match in a negative tie, where he contented himself with warming up with the substitutes and spoke to Shikabala, the team leader, that he is outside of Carton’s accounts, but Shikabala assured him that his opportunity is coming again He must work hard and work in the exercises until he regains his place in the basic composition of Al-Abyad, which is what Mustafa Fathi understood by making a greater effort through the team’s training.

Zamalek is getting ready To travel to Tunisia, next Tuesday, by private plane, To fight the return match with Esperance, which will be held next Friday at Rades Stadium, in the second leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals.

Zamalek is engaged in a series of successive confrontations in the month of March, which are as follows:

Zamalek vs. Esperance, on March 6, at Rades Stadium, the second leg of the CAF Champions League round 8.

Zamalek in front of the Alexandrian Federation, on March 12, at El Max Stadium, week 18 of the Egyptian League.

Zamalek vs Al-Masry, on March 15, at El-Max Stadium, postponed round 14 of the Egyptian League.

Zamalek against Egypt Clearing, on March 19, at Cairo Stadium, week 19 of the Egyptian League.

Zamalek in front of Egypt Club Zamalek, on March 22, at the War College Stadium, week 20 of the Egyptian League.


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