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Britain, which left the European Union on January 31 last year and is now living in a binding “transitional period”, will announce on Wednesday its new measures in the immigration system currently in place, to become its main pillar to give priority to the brains and people with higher scientific competencies, according to the conclusion “Arab.” Net “From a statement issued yesterday by British Home Secretary Priti Patel and local media published a summary of the most important things in it, including an important phrase that states that 70% of the workforce in Europe is currently” not qualified “to meet the conditions of the new British immigration system.

Those wishing to immigrate to the United Kingdom, when the new procedures begin implementation on the first day of the next year, will face strict conditions, they will find it in a new registration system that is being introduced, aiming to reduce the number of immigrants, according to what appears from the statement of the Minister of the Interior, as well as from the inventory received its graphic image Below, because the new procedures require any person who wants to immigrate, even from any European country, to obtain 70 points, which is the sum of his insurance for a number of conditions, each of which has a value of points.

British Home Secretary, inventory of the most important conditions with her points for obtaining the right to residency and work
British Home Secretary, inventory of the most important conditions with her points for obtaining the right to residency and work

And the first of next January was decided to start implementing the new procedures, because on that day Britain is totally freed from adhering to the standards of the Union, as that day ends a 11-month “transition period” that started on the day Britain left the union, and continues to comply with its rules and pay contributions to it. Most of the matters will remain unchanged, and after that, on the first day of 2021, those wishing to reside in the United Kingdom will be subject to the new immigration system and its difficult conditions in general.

More points for a PhD holder

The first condition, which is 10 points, is that the immigration applicant must be familiar with the English language, and that he has a contract of employment, or has received a formal offer of work, which is worth 20 points, and these points will continue in the specified work or if the offer is for a short period. And that the annual salary not be less than 25,599 pounds, or approximately 33 thousand dollars, which is a condition of 10 points. If the salary exceeds that limit, even if it is one pound sterling, then the value becomes 20 points. We also find that a PhD holder in any field gets 10 points, and if his degree is in a scientific, technological or engineering field, he gets 20 points.

As for the student, he must be familiar with the English language to obtain a visa that allows him to travel to Britain to register in a university or school, with a condition that he receives prior approval from it, and that he is able to support himself, and this last condition is imposed in the system currently in force, according to what I read “Al Arabiya.net” in its articles mentioned by British media, which it did not explain completely, so it seems that repeating this condition is only to keep it.

The new procedures also indicated that any citizen of any European country is not entitled, after January 1, to receive social security benefits. As for his visit to Britain, it is limited to a visa of 6 months at most, while the new procedures are rejected for any person who commits an offense of obtaining residency in Britain, and whoever obtains them is obligated to pay 400 pounds annually for the benefit of government health care.

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