Libyan tribes emphasize the need to return to the people


Source: Dubai – Al Arabiya Channel

The closing statement of the General Forum of Sheikhs and notables in Tarhuna, in the presence of 3000 people representing different cities and villages, stressed the non-acceptance of any results of the existing dialogue between the parties, including the Geneva negotiations, unless the return of the Libyans, according to the Libyan “Observatory” on Twitter “.

The statement called on the United Nations to withdraw its recognition of the Presidency Council of the Government of Concord in Tripoli.

The General Forum of Sheikhs and notables in Tarhuna emphasized adherence to the Libyan armed forces.

The statement called on the international community to lift the ban on arming the Libyan army.

He stressed resistance to all forms of external invasion, foremost of which is the Turkish invasion, rejecting any agreements that pose a threat to Libyan national security.

He insisted on not accepting any dialogue or truce before all the invading and mercenary forces left Libya.

The Libyan tribes demanded that cases be brought before international courts against the countries that caused the “destruction” of the Libyan state.

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