Life imprisonment for a housewife and her lover, accusing them of killing her husband in Sharqia


01:25 PM

Sunday 23 February 2020

Sharqia – Fatima Al-Deeb:

The Criminal Court of Zagazig, in the Eastern Province, headed by Chancellor Ahmed Suleiman El-Gamal, today, Sunday, punished a housewife, her lover, and his friend, with life imprisonment of 25 years for each of them; Belbeis Police.

The Director of Eastern Security, had received a notification from the Director of Criminal Investigation, stating that a communication had been received from Bilbays Central Hospital, with the arrival of “SCMM” 28 years old, a worker, resident of the Belbis Police Station Department, a dead body from a stab wound to the chest And the neck.

It was found that behind the perpetration of the incident, “FAA”, 28 years old, the victim’s wife, and “MAA” 35 years, a worker, and his friend “MAA”, following an emotional relationship between the victim’s wife And the second suspect.

And it turned out that the wife agreed with her lover to get rid of her husband so that they would marry after his murder, before her lover used the friend of the “third accused” and infiltrated her home, with her help, as the lover encroached on her husband and stabbed him with a “dagger”, while his friend assaulted the victim with other stabs by Saif was in possession of him, before he escaped and the wife claims that a thief sneaked into the house and killed her husband for theft.

The investigations revealed that there were no traces of the resistance, before the wife collapsed and recognized what happened, while her lover was caught and the third managed to hide and escape, and by offering to the Public Prosecution decided to refer them to the Zagazig Criminal Court, which previously punished them with life imprisonment in the May 31 session of 2016, But the defendants filed a cassation appeal for a new retrial, to issue the same ruling for the second time.

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