Lower price and higher specifications. Huawei challenges everyone and launches its new youth phone, Y7P Y7P


Coinciding with the launch of a number of international phone companies for their latest releases, most notably the Samsung, Opo and Xiaomi companies, the famous Chinese group “Huawei” defied all new offers and releases, and launched its new youth phone HUAWEI Y7P In the Egyptian market, and indeed the new mobile was introduced to the market, amid great demand for its purchase, especially since the price suits all categories, and it has a number of specifications required by buyers as well as the price.

The new HUAWEI Y7P

And for the first time, the global phone company is launching its phone HUAWEI Y7P New in the Y series of youth phones, coinciding with the exacerbation of its crisis in the United States of America, so it launched with this phone a platform of services and applications for Huawei Mobile Services HMS entirely of its own, targeting the company behind it to provide a comprehensive digital experience based on artificial intelligence technology to be more intelligent and fast Easily for users, as well as dispensing with other services on all mobile phones.

Lower price and higher specifications
Lower price and higher specifications. Huawei challenges everyone and launches its new youth phone, Y7P Y7P

The launch of a phone also coincides HUAWEI Y7P The new with the crisis that the company’s sales are exposed to and affected by the spread of the Corona epidemic in China, and the company losing huge amounts of money, due to the embargo and caution imposed by all countries of the world on China and its products, for fear of transmission of the disease they have, and therefore trying through the new mobile to invade all countries, Because of its modest price and high specifications.

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HUAWEI Y7P specifications and price

  • Enjoy a phone HUAWEI Y7P With 8 MP front camera hole technology.
  • It has a 48MP AI triple rear camera.
  • Its camera can shoot wide angle and works with artificial intelligence technology.
  • The phone has a 6.39-inch Full View screen.
  • It has 4 GB memory and 64 GB storage capacity.
  • Includes Kirin 710F processor for fast performance.
  • battery The phone is as dense as 4000 mAh.

It is worth noting that the Vice President of Huawei Egypt, “Beck Win”, has indicated that the company focuses on providing everything that is new and unique to the youth category Y, pointing out that this category has met with great success in the Egyptian market, given its evolving capabilities and competitive prices, in The time when the new mobile was launched HUAWEI Y7P At an estimated price of 2820 EGP.


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