Magdy Abdel-Ghani to “Super Koura”: They accused me of stealing, so they can sniff me and I can buy the union


Magdy Abdel-Ghani, a former member of the Football Association’s board of directors, has always caused controversy because of his exciting statements and his talk about all thorny files without accounts.

Super Koura was keen to conduct a dialogue with Magdy Abdel-Ghani, during which he talked about all the thorny files present in the sports field in the recent period, and the dialogue was not without the known heat of the former member of the Jabaliyya Council.

Magdy Abdel-Ghani responded during the dialogue to his accusation of stealing the team’s clothes while he was on the Football Association’s board of directors, stressing that these accusations were deliberate, saying: “They accused me of being in the mountains of stealing so that they would insure me.”

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The team’s clothing crisis with the Abdel-Ghani Council appeared before the last World Cup in Russia 2018, after being excluded from the headship of the Egyptian team in the World Cup due to the fact that it had seized the clothing bags of the Pharaohs, and went to the Football Association store late at night and obtained a number of bags With large amounts of clothes, the Football Association opens an investigation and is excluded from the mission.

In another context, the Dokki Misdemeanor Court had decided to accept the opposition of Magdy Abdel Ghani, a former member of the Board of Directors of the Football Association, to the ruling of imprisoning him for a year and fining him 100,000 pounds, in form and in the matter to support the opposing ruling and imprison him.

Magdy Abdel-Ghani was accused of refraining from handing over the inheritance share of his relatives, and a number of Magdy Abdel-Ghani’s relatives deserving of the inheritance filed a lawsuit in which he and others specialized, and they accused him of refraining from handing their inheritance share at a petrol station with paperwork..

Abdel-Ghani commented on the ruling of his imprisonment, saying, “On the ruling of his imprisonment, he said:” I respect the judiciary 100%, unfortunately after we submitted the documents and papers stating that I am not responsible for the inheritance originally … What is currently required is the rent .. The rent has nothing to do with inheritance, the judge Who issued the absent judgment did not change his mind and left the matter to appeal. “


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