Mahmoud Al-Bazawi joins the artist Sherif Mounir in support of Mona Farouk: Perfection is for God alone


The artist Mahmoud Al-Bazawy joined the campaign of supporting artist Mona Farouk, which was led by the artist Sherif Mounir, and was keen to publish a solidarity tweet with her through his personal account on the Twitter site, and said, “By adding my voice to the voice of my dear friend, Sherif Mounir, in support of the artist Mona Farouk … The enduring friendliness .. and the enduring love .. and the veil of humiliation .. and perfection does not belong to any human being except God .. He said the best of human beings, peace be upon him: “All sons of Adam are wrong, and the best of sinners are those who repent” # Support _man_farouk.

Mahmoud Al-Bazawi Tweet
Mahmoud Al-Bazawi Tweet

In a related context, the young artist Mona Farouk thanked those who gave her support, confirming that she is living in conflict, and she wants to live her life better. She said: “I made a mistake and pushed for my mistake, but I am already in a struggle that I complete my life right and our Lord alone who knows me And she said in a post through her account on Facebook: “Thank you very much for your interest and your words, and I made it clear that I made a mistake and pushed for my mistake, but I am already in a struggle. I am completing my life right and our Lord alone is the one who knows about me .. Thank you for you and let me need your invitations.”

Mona Farouk had appeared in a live broadcast, last Monday through her account on Instagram, offering an apology to the Egyptian people and expressing its deep sorrow at the treatment it receives from people and society because of its recent crisis .

Mona Farouk said in the video, “The whole time I dealt with being a pariah in society and I came to Dubai because I worked for anything, I had no representation requirement, I had no job, I had no opportunity to say that I had a month at home, and no one wanted to deal with me and got a problem like any one I understood. I was wrong and apologized.”.

And she continued, “No matter how hard I try to work, I am not strong enough that I work not in my mind all the time, and I am tired and labor dealing with the issue as normal and normal fringe, and suffocated harbor from 2 months to 6 months. I am the righteous world and I am dead, and I was all when I came down and one day they told me I took a release. I fell from my height, not believing so hard and the Prophet, O Lord, the people will be bleaching to me and my brother and my mother bear witness to this.“.

And she continued in her words: “All people annoy me and I fear I walk in the street to annoy me and do not live the life that I lived, and the solution is that I am dying..

Mona Farouk said in the video, “I am sorry for the Egyptian people, and I am tired of a strong atmosphere. I do not want an opportunity, no director, no actor, and I do not want a singer to write me a chance in acting.”

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