Majdi Al Hawari returns his daughter: I liked my liking for you


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Posted: Sunday, February 2 2020 – 23:28

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        Director Magdy El Hawary congratulated his daughter Maryam on her birthday.<p>Majdi Al-Hawary published on his Instagram account, a picture that he collected with his daughter and wrote commentary on it: "My dear girl, who I loved likened me to your likeness, whose birthday is in my month, and her horoscope is my horoscope every year and you are good my heart, my sweetest bucket in the world, Oqbal thousand Year. "


It is noteworthy that Magdi El Hawary, co-founder of “Cairo Show”, is preparing for the performance of “Hizlqom” in the activities of the winter in Riyadh, and for a period of four days on the stage of Abu Bakr Al Shadi Theater in the Boulevard area in the first theatrical appearance of the comedian star Ahmed Makki, after the great success achieved With that character in drama and cinema.

Al-Hawari indicated that Makki has already arrived in Riyadh to start intensive daily rehearsals in preparation for the launch of the shows.

Praising the great efforts made by the Entertainment Authority, led by Counselor Turki Al Sheikh, to provide all the capabilities necessary for the success of this show, and all other offers, pointing out that this reflects the strong will and sincere desire of the Kingdom to achieve an unprecedented cultural and artistic boom.

The working family is scheduled to hold a press conference next Monday to reveal all the final details and preparations for launching its offers.

“Hizlqom”, directed by Karim Sami, and Makki will participate in the championship, a group of comedy stars, headed by: Bayoumi Fouad, Muhammad Salam, Suleiman Eid and Mirna Jamil.

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