Marouane Pablo decides to stay away from the “music” … and that is how he received the audience


06:19 PM

Friday, February 14, 2020

I wrote – Mona Al-Muji:

Young artist Marouane Pablo, dubbed the pioneer of dust, has announced his decision to stay away from music.

Pablo wrote via the “Story” feature on his personal account on “Instagram”: “I will stop music for personal reasons. Thank you to all the people who supported me, the last thing you will see me is the parties that I have agreed upon after the concerts do not get there … Thank you.”

The news spread on social media, and a large number of the public was keen to comment on it.

Among the comments were: “Pablo reel died. You will not meet Doppler. We disagreed, or we agreed on Marwan Pablo or the music that is presented by him. , “The clips of any Arabic speaking work until the spiritual father returns to the soil, Marwan Pablo” Imagine that the star of the nets will remain without causing any harm, and all people will curse and scratch you just because you are doing it right Mesh of p whim, and Ihbtok to the point that you invalidate rap Ehna is sick and disgusting society “,” Marwan Pablo retired before the start “,” Mesh Higgina Tani news Said affection. “

It is worth noting that Marwan Pablo channel on the site “YouTube” has about 300 thousand subscribers, and some of his songs have achieved millions of views, including: “Gemmayzeh”.

Marwan Pablo


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