Massage session for 200 minutes and sex for 25 pounds .. Confessions of the accused in the formation of a prostitution network in a health club


“A 200-pound massage session … and one-hour sex for 1500 … and the girls account according to the effort and hours of practice” With these words, “R.a” started her conversation with the Public Prosecution, after seizing her, her husband, and members of their network to provide exile acts in the Arab League Street Old Agouza.

“I was sending girls’ pictures of the client to choose what he wanted before he came to the health club to practice prostitution,” she added.

The defendant explained in her confessions: “My husband and I rented the apartment a few days before we seized it and called it a“ health club to provide massages for customers. ” On the other hand, 1500 pounds per hour includes massages and sex. ”

The defendant confirmed that the apartment rents are large, so she and her husband formed a network to provide acts contrary to etiquette. She said: “The girls arrested inside the apartment are sex-based for money, and that after the end of the day we will distribute the girls wages according to the effort and the number of sessions. ”

Facing the rest of the seized girls with the statements made by the main suspect in her confessions, they supported what came with it, and they offer prohibited pleasure in exchange for money to be agreed with the customer before the presence and after choosing the girl, and they send their photos to those who want to have fun, and after the agreement they delete these messages according to the instructions of the owners the place.

The security forces and the Arts Department were in Giza, I managed From setting a health club that provides immoral acts and facilitating prostitution, in exchange for money, after receiving information about the formation of a housewife and her husband as a prostitution network within a health club.

After codifying procedures, collecting information and investigations, it was clear that the accused had communicated with those who wish to have fun through electronic chatting programs, displaying pictures of girls to choose from, and only massages or massages and sex sessions are agreed upon, and the forbidden relationship is established for 1500 pounds an hour, and immediately Department’s Investigations, in coordination with the General Department of Literature, and the accused and the rest of the network were arrested.

A report of the incident was issued, and the prosecution office that initiated the investigations was notified, and at the end of the investigations, it ordered the accused to be imprisoned for 4 days pending investigations.

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