Maya Diab: Nancy Ajram’s husband was forced to kill and remembered my kidnapping


Lebanese superstar Maya Diab has supported her colleague, Lebanese star Nancy Ajram, after a thief infiltrated her home before being killed by her husband, Dakour Fadi Al-Hashem, in self-defense and for fear of his daughters.

A Syrian man assaulted Nancy Ajram’s house and her husband killed him

In an interview with her colleague Nada Akiki, he talked about what happened with Nancy, and said that Fadi was forced to kill the thief because he violated the sanctity of the home.

And she continued: “Fadi is to work the heck of a job, so it will be forced and forced, because one Fayette is forbidding anyone to know what to do or harm his family and Nancy, and their situation was very difficult.”

She said that what happened with Nancy reminded her of what happened to her in 2005 when she was kidnapped, and said that this incident does not leave her mind every night, and that she was struck by Troma, who needs treatments.

She confirmed that she had been treated after her kidnapping, but she could not forget what had happened.


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