“Medical camp and new phones” .. How the Ministry of Health deals with Al-Aidi


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Sunday 02 February 2020

Books – Ahmed Jumaa:

Sources at the Ministry of Health said that a special place has been prepared in Matruh to receive the Egyptians returning from Wuhan, China, numbering 307.

The sources indicated in statements to Masrawy, on Sunday, that a hotel was equipped with a special medical equipment, and the returnees will be transported to it by private cars, while providing the hotel with means of subsistence and accommodation for a period of 14 days where the quarantine period is spent there to ensure that the Egyptians are free of the Corona virus The newbie.

Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, said that after President Sisi’s directives to receive Egyptians residing in the country of China, and to make the necessary medical arrangements, a delegation from the technical sectors of the Ministry of Health was directed to the chosen headquarters, transforming it into a medical camp, and equipping it with various medical and living requirements .

In her report to the Prime Minister, the Minister added that a central room has been formed in the Ministry of Health and Population that includes representatives of the relevant state agencies, working around the clock, to follow the epidemiological situation firstly for Corona virus, and to assign assignments to the sectors concerned with the Ministry of Health and Population, each in its area, and to determine the required needs For the medical camp.

The Minister emphasized that a medical team consisting of 3 doctors and 3 nursing personnel has been assigned to travel to the State of China to evacuate the air of the Egyptians wishing to return, and strict precautionary measures have been taken for arrivals, medical staff and all those dealing with them, while providing medicines and medical supplies necessary to deal with medical cases Suspected of being infected.

She pointed to the presence of clinics (internal / chest diseases / children) and was provided with the required medical and non-medical devices, and a central analysis laboratory was established that included (a virus lab – a chemistry and blood diseases laboratory) as well as the establishment of a central pharmacy that provided all medicines for chronic and infectious diseases, and the establishment of A medical supplies store and infection control, as well as establishing a warehouse for all logistical tasks, paying 4 self-sterilized ambulances, and 25 ambulances with intensive care, as well as providing hygiene services through specialized companies, and providing nutrition meals.

The Minister of Health added that the necessary medical equipment had been transferred, as well as the arrival of non-medical equipment and mattresses such as offices, chairs, furniture and electrical appliances, and the medical supplies, infection control supplies and the necessary medicines had been received, with the announcement of a hospital nearby (Al-Nujaila Central) being prepared from the medical camp to receive the suspected cases .

She drew attention to equipping human elements, from medical and administrative staff, and sensitizing them in the preventive and functional aspects, and mobile phones and lines were provided for returnees from China and work teams, in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications, to use in the 14-day period that they will spend in the medical camp.

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