Meteorology warns: a decrease in temperatures and rainfall early next week


Dr. Iman Shaker, Director of the Center for Analysis and Remote Sensing of the Meteorological Authority, said that the country is witnessing a clear improvement in weather conditions and a rise in temperatures, and Cairo recorded 20 degrees Celsius, and is expected to rise today by about 3 degrees to record 23 degrees Celsius.

“Iman Shaker,” during a phone call to the “Good Morning Egypt” program, broadcast on Egypt’s “First” channel, added that most of the governorates of the Republic will witness a rise in temperatures above the normal rates of 4 or 5 degrees Celsius.

She stressed that during the day the sun will be shining and there is a state of warmth prevailing in the country and almost feel the heat during the noon time, and when the sunlight fades, the temperatures begin to decrease at night, and therefore the weather is very cold during the night until the early hours of the early morning.

The director of the Meteorological Center at the Meteorological Authority indicated that this state of warmth will end with the end of the week, and starting from Saturday there will be a gradual decrease in temperature, with increased expectations for rainfall on the coastal areas and Lower Egypt and extend to Cairo on Sunday.

Dr. Iman Shaker stressed that the state of stability in the weather conditions leads to the formation of the water lion, and advises all travelers and drivers to drive quietly and follow the traffic instructions and safety procedures, noting that Friday will be the end of warmth and temperatures begin to fall again.

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