Microsoft decides to block malware from downloading Edge


A new report revealed that Microsoft intends to prevent the download of a set of unwanted types of software, through its new Edge browser built on Chromium, as this software appears in its normal form or otherwise, but it is generally annoying to users, such as toolbars and advertising software Malware or any software that contains a large amount of annoying ads or contain cryptocurrency mining tools that affects the performance of the computer.

According to the American website AmitaiTechie, the Edge browser has a special filter called SmartScreen that prevents intrusion, phishing attacks and malware from reaching the user, and it can also prevent the downloading of software or tools that may be undesirable, while new beta versions of Edge appear to be disabled by default. Currently its function is to block unwanted applications and may lead to unwanted behavior from the device or browser.

It is worth noting that such functions are already available in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers to prevent phishing attacks and malware, but Microsoft says its feature offers greater protection from Microsoft’s Safe Browsing service.

Microsoft recently launched a new update for its Edge browser for users of the iOS Insiders beta program, as the update with the version number v44.11.3 provides many new features, and according to the American mspoweruser website, the new application provides a redesigned menu experience that was Available to Edge users on Android during the past month, and with this new menu design, users can customize it according to their needs by rearranging icons.


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