Microsoft merges Word, Excel and PowerPoint into one Android app


Officially, Microsoft makes its new Office application available to all Android users, with no tablet support.

Microsoft merges its Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications into one Android app

If you remember, since early last year 2019 announced Microsoft Corporation On the start of the testing process for its new application, “Office”, which combined both the Excel Word and PowerPort application in one application and interface, after that, specifically in November of the same year, the company made a public preview available, and now the application is officially available on the Google Play Store.

In turn, this step from Microsoft undoubtedly reduces the user’s annoyance with the large number of applications, especially with the presence of three main applications or four coming separately from the company, however, The app works more than just letting you read and edit documents from these three apps. Here are points like some other features:

  • Take notes quickly and sync with Sticky Notes in Windows 10.
  • Perform a “scan” scanner of text in an image including spreadsheets.
  • Read and sign PDF files.
  • Scanner pictures, using the camera phone.
  • Transfer files from your phone to your computer or devices near you.

However, this app is currently closed in portrait mode, and does not support tablets or Chromebooks, and when Microsoft is asked whether tablet support is coming or not, as well as the launch of the application on iOS, and whether separate Office applications will be stopped, the company indicated She has nothing to share these times!

Finally, for Android phone campaign, you can try and download the Office app “Office” New by going to its page on the Google Play Store from the link below.

Download the Office application on Android.


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