Mido exposes courtesy of the blatant contests of Zamalek


Ahmed Hossam Mido, former coach of the Egypt Clearinghouse, revealed the compliments of Hossam El-Zanati, director of competitions management in the Egyptian Football Association for the Zamalek Club.

“In the Wadi Degla match and the clearing at the beginning of the season, we were stalled on the road because of the rains, and he addressed us, Husam Al-Zanati, that we cannot reach the stadium of the match on time,” Mido wrote via his personal account on the social networking site Twitter.

He added “ His response was decisive to Walid Huwaidi, director of the ball with the clearing, that if we do not start the match after 20 minutes of its due date, we will be counted defeated 2-0.

The Zamalek club bus was delayed in reaching Cairo Stadium to play the Al-Ahly match in the Premier League, which was scheduled to be held at half past seven in the evening on Monday.

However, the Football Association announced on its official website that the Lithuanian referee Gediminas Masika, who was appointed to manage the summit match, decided to postpone the game for an hour to start at eight thirty, after consulting with the match observer and the director of the competitions administration in the federation due to the rain and bad weather conditions.

Ahmed Abdel Maqsoud, coach of the junior football team in Zamalek club, born in 2001, who is charged with leading the team that will play the league match against Al-Ahly, spoke about the reason for the delay of his team’s bus in its arrival at the Cairo Stadium.

“We said 3 hours on the road, the bus broke down on the October Bridge, and we got off it, and the security with us helps us,” Abdel-Maksoud said in his interview with On Sport.

He added, “I have a full team on the bus, a group of young Zamalek born in 2000, 2001 and 99, we are on October Bridge in Tahrir now.”

The Red Genie faces his team, Zamalek, on Monday evening as part of the postponed match between the fourth week of the Premier League competition.


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