Mido reveals for the first time the scenes of his attempts to kidnap Hossam Ghaly to play in Zamalek


Ahmed Hossam Mido, a former Zamalek club player, revealed for the first time the scenes of his attempts to kidnap former club captain Hossam Ghali to play for the white club.

“At one point, Hossam Ghali was playing in Saudi Arabia, and at that time I tried everything I had to get him to sign for Zamalek,” Mido said in his speech to the Abu Dhabi Sports Channel.

“I tried in more than one way to include Hosam Ghaly in Zamalek, and I made the club offer him an attractive financial offer, and I spoke with people close to him to persuade him to do so.”

“Hossam Ghali’s response has always been that I cannot play anywhere other than Al-Ahly. I have tried all attempts, but Ghaloui’s popularity has always made his response conclusive and told me that I cannot play anywhere else.”

Al-Ahly and Zamalek are preparing for the Egyptian Super match, which is scheduled for next Thursday evening, at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Al-Jazira Club in the Emirates.


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