Military “Sadat” … suspicious roles and a Turkish arm in 20 countries


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

Authority Libyan officials recently spoke to Sadat of TurkeyIts work in Libya highlights that company and its activities.

Sadat, which is described by some opposition party newspapers and websites, with Erdogan’s militia or the Turkish Revolutionary Guard, is located in Building No. 110 of Marmara Mah Beylikduz in Istanbul, and it works in the field of reorganization, consulting, training, and equipment for the armed forces and police departments in some countries.

The company was founded by 23 retired officers from various units of the Turkish Armed Forces, headed by retired Brigadier General Adnan Tanverdi, and started its work after it was announced in the Official Gazette on February 28 of 2012.

While former Somali security sources confirmed to Al that the Turkish company provides logistical and military services, training, arms transport and training of mercenaries, and recruits mercenaries from some Islamic and African countries and the former Soviet republics, and after that the Turkish authorities pay these mercenaries to conflict areas through the company and using passports Forged travel

Training irregular forces

As for the official information announced by the company on its official website, it states that it is training what it called “irregular forces”, in addition to the regular military training of the land, sea and air forces of the countries requesting service from one individual and one weapon to the highest unit in the army, training “forces” Irregular “, on the activities of ambushes, raids, road closures, destruction, vandalism, rescue and kidnappings, and on countermeasures for all of that, and also provides training services to participants in formal, irregular, and private operations.

The company also indicates that it provides all types of weapons, military vehicles, equipment, spare parts, and explosive materials to countries in need and cooperating with them, and trains them in the methods of storing, supplying, maintaining, and repairing them, and it prepares and equips the police, advisory services, and mediation to secure the needs of modern weapons, vehicles, equipment, and devices from global markets.

Although Sadat denied any presence in Libya, “Ahwal Turkish” newspaper stated that French intelligence was the first to draw attention to the company’s activities in the region, and that it has been conducting training and military consultancy activities in Libya since 2012.

Interrogation in the Turkish parliament

Years ago, the deputy of the Turkish Republican People’s Party, Necati Yilmaz, submitted an interrogation in Parliament in which the then Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirim demanded the disclosure of the company’s activities and international relations. Among the questions, according to what the Turkish newspaper revealed, what countries are Sadat connected with ? Are there other countries that have “Sadat” trained intelligence and military elements? Does the company have training camps in other countries? Then do “Sadat” have ties to terrorist organizations such as Al-Nusra, Al Qaeda, and ISIS?

The newspaper added that what happened was that Ben Ali Yildirim did not provide, during his tenure as prime minister, satisfactory answers to any of these questions, yet the opposition revolution did not calm down and they accused the company of training extremist organizations outside Turkey and providing military training to some groups supporting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in secret camps in Turkey.

The current CEO of the company
The current CEO of the company

Moreover, the advisor to the former US president, Michael Robin, revealed important information about “Sadat”, where he said in previous statements that the company has trained 3000 foreign fighters working in Syria and Libya currently, and that the Turkish government is providing the company with support to facilitate its work in those The states, indicating that ISIS and Al-Nusra were among the groups that received military training at the hands of experts affiliated with the company.

But how was the company founded?

The idea started from the Bosnia and Herzegovina war, he added, adding that the former Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic asked Turkey to train the Bosnian army, and the idea inspired its founder, Adnan Teneri Firdi, to consider setting up a defense consulting company. Especially since there are about 70 international companies working in this field.

He adds: When friendly Muslim countries needed military personnel who served in armed forces with deep-rooted traditions in order to establish, train and equip their military forces, this led to the establishment of a “Sadat Company” to meet their needs, recognizing that Turkey provides service in the field of training, consulting and equipment in 20 countries Islamic .

Adnan Teneri individually
Adnan Teneri individually

According to what the American “Bergon” website confirms, the company is carrying out “dirty work” for Turkey, which the Turkish army and police cannot be assigned to, according to what it says.
Turkish newspaper “Zaman” that Sadat is considered as the invisible Revolutionary Guard forces for the Justice and Development Party, and the opposition considers it an armed militia run by the ruling party, since its establishment

Recruiting youth from Africa, Central Asia and Europe

In addition, the opposition Turkish “Osmanli” website reported that “Sadat” was accused of managing the recruitment of Muslim youths in Africa, Central Asia and Europe, with a view to including them in terrorist groups in Syria, and the company was a gateway through which hundreds of Libya, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan were on their way to the north Syria, adding that in 2015, an investigation was conducted in Moscow regarding the travel of 889 foreign fighters from Russia to Syria and Iraq, and the investigation revealed that 25% of these were linked to the Turkish company.

The Turkish website added that Adnan Fardi, the founder of the company, provided training services to a large number of terrorists in Libya, visited the Libyan capital more than once, and held many meetings with former Libyan officers, and received an official diplomatic reception, by the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Providing security and political cover for Libyan terrorists

In turn, the Turkish website “Deccan” stated that the company has secured a security and political cover for Libyan terrorists, who participated in smuggling fighters and mercenaries to Syria and Europe, to carry out terrorist operations, and this is supported by a report by the Stockholm Freedom Center, which drew attention to the suspected Turkish company’s role in arms transfers, terrorists and mercenaries.

He also indicated that in 2017 an international team prepared a report on Libya, with the signature of the investigating committee coordinator Stephen Spetiles, in which he revealed that terrorist groups such as Ansar al-Sharia Benghazi and Ansar al-Sharia in Sirte, competed for control of the civil registry and passport departments, which allowed them to issue passports Illegally, adding that in coordination with Sadat’s clients, passports were issued to foreign fighters, who then traveled abroad.

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