“Ministers” announces the developments of the situation of Egyptians detained in quarantine – Egypt


Adviser Nader Saad, a cabinet spokesman, said that The Egyptians returning from WuhanThey were taken from the airport on equipped buses to the camp site, and a virtual examination was performed on them, to ensure that they did not have any symptoms.

“Saad” added, during a phone call to the program “On My Responsibility”, which is presented by the journalist Ahmed Moussa, through the “Echo of the Country” screen, that the number of medical teams in quarantine is approaching 200 people, indicating that among those who have returned from Wuhan 11 infants, who need special treatment, and doctors specializing in dealing with newborns, and “when we learned that there are infants, we provided baby formula and all the belongings they needed.”

He continued that over the past two days, he found two cases of high temperatures, which were taken to the hospital, and were examined, and we found that it was a normal temperature rise and the temperature decreased after that.

And he added that the state is ready in the event of any case arising, as it will be transferred and isolated in a hospital designated for this purpose, indicating that there are specific hospitals, the injured will be transferred to and conduct the necessary examination, and deal with them immediately with the necessary vaccines, which are available and which the world deals with at the present time despite The lack of a specific vaccine for the new virus.

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