Moaz Al-Omari makes a “shocking” decision for him and his fiancee, Diana Karazon, who will not retract him “except by death”


It raised Jordanians’ comments and their mockery of the media’s engagement From the artist His anger prompted him to make a decision, saying that he would not retreat from it “except by death.” He said

It is decided, according to Muath Al-Omari, previously that “Al-Jahha” will be given to the engagement of Jordanian actress Diana Karazon today, Friday.

Al-Omari said he decided to go to the public prosecutor to file complaints against all those who offended him, and to Diana through social media.

In a post he later deleted, he stated that he does not accept anything related to his private life.

The news of the announcement of the engagement of Moaz Al-Omari and Diana Karzoun met with a state of controversy and mixed comments among the Jordanian tweeters on social media.

“I felt my strength and my ability to harmonize family, family and work,” said Diana Karazon of Moath Al-Omari.

She affirmed that she and Muath wanted to keep the news of their marriage contract with the media, but it was the love of the people that spread the news so quickly. According to “Curzon”

She praised the energy and strength that Moaz Al-Omari gave her, to continue her artistic career.

She said her association with the new life and marriage would not hinder her artistic life.

Diana Karazon won the title of “Super Star Arab” program in 2003 after her success in reaching the finals.


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