Mohamed Gomaa reveals the scenes of the phrase “whole is going” in the “Will” series


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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

I wrote – Sahar Azzam:

The artist, Mohamed Jumaa, said that he did not expect the success he achieved in the “Amma Zia” character in the will series, starring the artist Akram Hosni, the artist Ahmed Amin, and directed by Khaled El-Halfawi.

Jumah added, during a television interview with the program “8 Sobah” broadcast on the DMC channel today, Tuesday, that he was the one who suggested the phrase “all going” that he repeated during the events of the “Will” series, which contributed to the success of the character “Uncle Zia” to complement Talking sentences of the character within the events of the series, pointing out that the words that were repeated by Zia are realistic despite his depression.

Mohamed Gomaa added that the director Khaled Al-Halfawi nominated him for the series “The Will” for his desire to perform a non-comedian for this character, pointing to a friendship between him and Khaled Al-Halfawi since his participation in the series “For security reasons” where Khaled worked as an assistant director for director Mohamed Fadel.

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