Mohamed Mamdouh reveals the details of his new movie with Ahmed Ezz


The artist Mohamed Mamdouh Tyson revealed the scenes of his new movie, which will be with the participation of the artist Ahmed Ezz and the star Ahmed Fahmy and directed by Ahmed Alaa, where a number of his scenes were filmed in one of the Asian countries at a high temperature, noting that he was not leaving much of the hotel so as not to He is being subjected to extreme humidity because he is someone who loves winter, while Ahmed Fahmy has always been out to buy his stuff, and there was no time to spend time hiking.

Mohamed Mamdouh added, during his meeting with the media, Ramy Radwan, on the evening program dmcBroadcast on a channel dmc, He is comfortable working with the artist Ahmed Ezz, because he is a person who loves his work, as he is a real artist and working with him is comfortable, explaining that he worked with him in 5 works, which are cell and concert films, Rizk 1’s children and Rizk 2’s children and Al-Aref.

The star Mohamed Mamdouh, has participated in a challenge DollyPartonChallenge, Which has been circulating for days on social media platforms, which is 4 different images of four different applications via social media platforms, and each application has a special nature.

Mamdouh decided to participate in the challenge and publish the photos via his Instagram account, and a picture of the Tender application came along the lines of his famous “harasser” scene, while the picture of the Instagram application came with the artist Ahmed Fahmy in a swimming pool, and the picture of Facebook came in a suit, while the picture of LinkedIn that he is wearing Classic black shirt.


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