Mohamed Ramadan offers an attractive offer to compensate the dismissed pilot


The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, said that the scenes spread on the music media dancing on the car, were proofs of the new clip that he was preparing for him, laughing at the accusation of the owner of a famous restaurant: “By God, I am afraid of asphalt, says Mohamed Ramadan walking on top.”

Ramadan added, during today’s episode of the “Ninth” program broadcast on “Channel One of the Egyptian TV”, presented by the journalist, “Wael Al-Ibrashi,”: “I did not threaten the owner of the restaurant and did not practice bullying, and my popularity was not shaken as some people promote it.”

On the attack on him via the media media, Mohamed Ramadan said: “All the time, you must remain critical, but countries are not critical of the artwork.”

And Muhammad Ramadan continued: “If the pilot accepts that I take full care of the problem until the problem ends … I do not want to feel that he was affected 100% because of me.”

Ramadan continued: “I am not saying that so as to give up the case … it will not be completed in the judiciary.”


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