Mohammed Ramadan .. And the class dimension in the songs of festivals – Imad Al-Din Hussein


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Saturday 22nd February 2020 – 9:15 PM
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Saturday 22nd February 2020 – 9:15 PM

I hope everyone will pay attention to a very important factor in the issue raised about festivals, which is “class dimension.” Which caught my attention to this, what the artist Mohamed Ramadan said about a week ago, while addressing his fans through social media and its content: “You participated in making every sweet thing in my life, and because of you, I am also being fought, this systematic war from most directions. The reason is that no one from the simple class can reach this success and the masses. What is meant by this war is the strife between me and the livelihood of our Lord, which He gave to me and you, my trust in God, and then in you that injustice never triumphs !!
This is what Mohamed Ramadan said, and something somewhat close to him, said festivals singer Hamu Beca last Tuesday, in an interview with the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi on Al-Hadath.
Hamu Bikas words were more subtle and mean when he said: “The songs of the festivals cannot be prevented, because it is an art imposed by the street, and the people loved it. And why did he not celebrate the parties of cabarets and nightlife, which are reasonable for our festivals, which are what all this has done in society, and it has many abuses inside cabarets. And if the union banned the art of festivals from the street, they would not be able to prevent reputation. And enough, that we are walking on the street, not knowing that we are moving from the people around us, and I am only getting 90 thousand pounds a month from YouTube.
The continued playing of Ramadan, Becca, and others on the tone of class struggle, is very dangerous for the whole society, and may lead to very dangerous developments.
I was keen to present the views of Muhammad Ramadan and Hama Beca, as they represent festivals. The real danger that I smell from these words is an attempt to portray the matter as a class struggle between the rich and the poor.
The only correct part in the words of Ramadan and Hama Beca is their overwhelming popularity among the simple, who consider these songs to be their legitimate spokesperson.
Try to install a tuk tuk in any area, especially if it is popular, and you will immediately discover that the driver’s “flash” belongs to only the songs of the festivals.
And their favorite movie star is Mohamed Ramadan, and the names of his cinematic or dramatic characters, are the names of their fame or the names of their stores, such as “Legend” and “Abdo Mouta”.
The matter is not confined only to owners, drivers, or users of tuk-tuk, or even minibuses, taxis or small “van”, known as “wish”, but rather extends to many residents of these areas. It is rare for any of them to listen to Hani Shaker, Amr Diab, Kazem El Saher, Asala, or Melodies.
We do not know, and no one has the right to judge accurately or answer the following question: Who influenced the other: the reality in singers, so make them express it, or did these singers influence the reality ?! This is a question that needs comprehensive social research on scientific grounds.
Regardless of the answer. The fundamental question is: How can we disassemble what some of these singers are trying to convince us of, namely that the battle is class, and that most of the songs they perform are very loose songs and offensive and destructive to public morals. Even if the listeners don’t realize it now ?!
I have previously written and said that facing the problem of festival festivals is not an administrative prohibition, but in different ways, and I suggest to those who care about the matter that their plan is the following: There is no comprehensive ban on these songs, but a ban on any words that violate public taste or morals, and review the clips before publishing So as not to include outrageous or outrageous scenes.
The second rule is that the message from the Syndicate of Musical Professions and the rest of society is that there is no class battle at all, and that the issue is, in short, a fight against ugliness and lack of taste. The agencies concerned should tell people that the battle between good and bad words, which a sane person cannot accept. Then and if that happens, we will ensure that the class weapon is defused, and second, we will ensure that the bad words will disappear completely or at least fade away. But in any case, we must be convinced that all elements of this problem are intertwined, and there is no single element that governs. The main entrance is to have a good education and a free and diversified media, and to stop supporting and adopting many anomalous models that have played a dangerous role in distorting public taste. If that happens, then the audience will reject this poor quality!


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