Moments of joy and remorse .. See the emotions of Hazem Imam and tired during the penalty shootout


The stadiums of Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium witnessed the passion of Studio On Sport channel analysts during the penalty shootout in the super game that brought together Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the UAE city of Abu Dhabi.

Imad Miteb, the former Al-Ahly star, celebrated Mohammed Al-Shennawi’s response to Ashraf Bin Sharqi’s shot, while the duo Hazem Imam and Ayman Younis Najmi Al-Zamalek were agitated.

The lens of “Super Koura” observed the reaction of Hazem Imam, former star of Zamalek, after Al-Abyad won the Egyptian Super title at Al-Ahly’s 4-3 penalty shootout, in the match that took place at Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi city in the United Arab Emirates.

Zamalek team crowned the local super heart after beating Al-Ahly penalty shoot-out 4/3 after the end of their match, Thursday, at Mohammed bin Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, in a goalless draw.

A record for Al-Ahly, Ali Maaloul, Amr Al-Sulaya, Mahmoud Metwally, and a record for Zamalek, Mahmoud Alaa, Ferjani Sassi, Tariq Hamid while Ashraf bin Sharqi wasted from Zamalek and Muhammad Hani and Badji from Al-Ahly

The formation of Al-Ahly included: Muhammad Al-Shennawi, Ali Maaloul, Yasser Ibrahim, Rami Rabia, Muhammad Hani, Diang, Amr Al-Sulaya, Hussain Al-Shahat, Qafsha, Geraldo Wagayi.

The formation of Zamalek included: Muhammad Abu Jabal, Hazem Imam – Mahmoud Al Wanch – Mahmoud Alaa – Muhammad Abdel Shafi, Tariq Hamed – Ferjani Sassi – Ahmed Sayed Zizou, Mustafa Muhammad – Ashraf bin Sharqi and Youssef Obama.

The match witnessed a mutual control over the atmosphere of the match. Al-Ahly took almost the first half, while Zamalek took the second half before the penalties were decided by the super hero.

The night match was played by Norwegian referee Sven Odvar Moyne and assisted by First Assistant Magnus Landberg, Second Assistant Kim Thomas and Tori Hansen Fourth Referee, and he is responsible for the video technology.VAR, Croatian Goran Gabrio, “main referee”, and Mirjovic, “assistant referee”.


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