Mortada Mansour sponsors his treatment .. Zamalek player tells the details of his leukemia .. Video


Saad Mohamed, player of Zamalek, born in 2000, revealed the details of his knowledge of the raid on the malignant disease of his body, where he felt in one of the exercises Straining Severe, so he decided Procedure Some tests to check.

The promising player, on the Zamalek program on Zamalek, said he initially thought that Symptoms That affects him as a result Anemia as such Tell him Some doctors, with several checks, were the biggest shock when he learned he had leukemia.

The player cried on the air during his speech, as he narrated the details of his dreaded disease and how this affected his hair loss, his physical strength, and his inability to cope with one’s poor psychological state.For his part, he stressed Ahmed Mortada Mansour, member of the Zamalek Council, that Mourtada Mansour, the club’s president, decided to sponsor the treatment of the young player, at his personal cost.


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