Mossad player .. the story of Samir Iskandarani .. the artist who conquered Israel on its spies


A singer and painter, and if you like, say, “Fox, my intelligence. All these titles and many others have been acquired by the Egyptian artist Samir.” Alexandrian What was created when it was resolved, and one of the national voices that presented an artistic heritage preserved by generations, and a national heroism marked by Egyptian intelligence records at the end of the fifties of the last century.

In the Ghoriya neighborhood of Cairo, on February 8, 1938, the artist Samir was born AlexandrianFor a family working in commerce, his father was a furniture dealer, but he was an art lover and friend of a group of great poets And composers, Who joined the Faculty of Fine Arts, where he learned the Italian language.

After graduating from college and as a result of his great passion for the Italian language along with many foreign languages ​​that he had mastered, which amounted to 5 languages, he even received an invitation from the Italian Chancellor in Cairo for a scholarship to Italy, which he went to complete his studies in the Italian city of Perugia in 1958.

During his studies in Italy, Samir Al-Iskandarani was different from all the Egyptian students, as he was very cultural, open and liberal, and was good at dancing and singing alongside what he learned from languages ​​and drawing portraits on the street, which made him draw attention to him.

The period during which Samir Al-Iskandarani lived in Italy was that country like other European countries that are filled with agents of the Israeli Mossad, who are searching between Arabs and Egyptians for their subjects or those who are tempted to recruit them for their benefit, until Mossad agents focused their eyes on Samir Al-Iskandarani through a young man named Salim, according to the group’s website, 73 historians.

Al-Iskandarani’s fascination with Selim did not last long, as he quickly found what he was cautious about, after the suspicious movements of the young man and Samir’s knowledge of his American passport despite the young man’s claim that he is an Arab, until the Alexandrian decided to benefit from what he learned from the natures of society European And the Jew managed to deceive the young man to know his intentions, until Alexandrian convinced him that his grandfather the biggest He was a Jew and a Muslim to marry his grandmother.

Samir Al-Iskandarani returned to Cairo and met with President Gamal Abdel Nasser, and he began working for the Egyptian side, which is documented by many Egyptian sources, about Al-Iskandarani, where she wrote that he helped the Egyptian General Intelligence in inflicting a large network of spies inside Egypt, and said that Samir Al-Iskandarani managed to delude The Israeli enemy working for him from 1958 AD for a period of more than a year and a half, as well as catching one of the most dangerous Israeli intelligence officers and arresting him inside Egypt, Moise Jawd Soward.

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