Mourinho talks about monitoring his opponent in the Champions League


Tottenham Hotspur coach Jose Mourinho said that going to watch the German Leipzig team in the Champions League round of sixteen from the field gave him very important comments.

Mourinho was at the “Alliance Arena” on Sunday evening, to watch the Leipzig team during its confrontation with Bayern Munich, at the top of the German first division.

Mourinho spoke about his journey in an interview with Sky Sports, saying: “Being on the field is very important. I can see small details, even warm-ups, I can see what I am not seeing on TV and videos.”

Mourinho continued by observing his expected competitor in the Champions League: “Some subtle skills do not appear when watching on TV. Being on the field represents a different experience, I can not miss such an opportunity.”

Tottenham hosts his counterpart Leipzig on the nineteenth of February, in the first leg of the Champions League round sixteen, before facing the second leg in the German lands on the tenth of next March.


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