Mubarak is the first to join his late grandson in the family cemetery


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Ex-President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak passed away today, at the age of 92, after a struggle with illness, and he is scheduled to be buried in the tombs of the “Mubarak family”, which are located next to the tombs of the “Thabet” family of the family of Suzan Mubarak, the wife of the former president, and is located next to a station The “Women’s College” Metro in Heliopolis.

Thus, Mubarak is the first in his family to follow his late grandson, Mohamed Alaa Mubarak, who passed away in May 2009, after his struggle with illness following the health crisis he was exposed to, at the age of 12.

The tombs are surrounded by a number of high doors, which are separated from the tombs themselves by walls in order to raise the degree of insurance.

Farid al-Deeb, Mubarak’s lawyer, had said, in statements to “Al-Masry Al-Youm,” that his client had been in intensive care in the hospital, for more than a month, after he had a stomach fatigue, and after performing the tests the doctors said that he needed to have accurate intestinal surgery .

He added that “Mubarak” underwent comprehensive tests, including analyzes and measurement of pressure and sugar in preparation for performing the surgery. After completing the medical examinations, he underwent surgery in one of the hospitals of the armed forces, and after performing it he suffered health complications, which led to his being placed in the intensive care room.

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