Mughniyah on the reason for her absence: They drugged me, raped me, and held me for days


Source: London – France Press

Welsh singer Duffy revealed that her decision to withdraw from the music scene in 2011 came after she was “raped, drugged and detained for several days.”

Duffy announced in 2011 that it would “take a break” from its public activities. “I am fine now and feel safe. But I needed a long time,” she wrote in an Instagram message.

The 35-year-old singer emphasized, “The disclosure of this matter is not easy … but I can tell you that during the past decade I made a promise to myself that I feel again the sun shining in my heart … and the sun is now shining in me.”

“You ask why I did not choose to use my reputation to express my pain? I did not want to show the world sadness in my eyes. I was asking myself how can I sing and my heart is broken? Except that my heart has recovered quietly.”

The singer, also a composer, won the prestigious American Grammy Award for Best Pop Singer of the Year 2008 for “Rockfire”. In 2009, she won three British Music Awards.

In 2013, she appeared alongside many French artists at a party in New York in honor of Edith Piaf.


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