Murtada Mansour: “The top match will get used to Amr Ghinni.”


Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, announced that tickets are running out His team’s match against Esperance And that will be held at Cairo Stadium on Friday, by going to the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

He said in statements to the “Zamalkaoui” program on the Zamalek club channel: “All tickets have run out and I do not want a departure from the text in the match, and I did not leave Al-Laiba for their focus in the Esperance match.

He sent a message to the fans: “We have an important match on Friday and, God willing, we will win, and Al-Ahly, with its consent, may God win Sun Downs, I do not have a problem, and my problem is with those who reach out, and Al-Ahly’s fans are respected.”

Mortada Mansour, officials of the Football Association, vowed not to remain silent about what happened in the summit match against Al-Ahly, after the sanctions that were signed on his club by the Football Association and deducted 3 points from his balance and fined him 200 thousand pounds.

He said in his remarks: “If you did not review the top match and promised it, then you will retire and you will not work again.”

Zamalek Club officials, Nabil Abdel Fattah, Director of Public Relations at the White Club, received the Tunisian Esperance Mission with flowers upon their arrival at the Cairo Stadium.

Just a short time ago, the Tunisian Esperance team arrived on a private plane, in preparation for the Zamalek match, which will bring the two teams together, at 6 pm next Friday, in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the African Champions League, to be held at the Cairo Stadium. , With 30,000 fans in attendance.

Moeen Al-Shaabani, technical director of the Tunisian Esperance team, was the Bab Souika list for the Zamalek match, which included 22 players, Ben Sharifia, Al-Jaridi, Al-Dabashi-Al-Mubaraki, Al-Shti, Al-Rabee ’, Al-Thawadi, Shammam, Al-Yaqoubi, Togai-Coulibaly, Bin Ramadan, Al-Maskini, Bonsu, Bin Ghaith, Bin Shouq – Bin Sahara, Al Meziane, Bin Sghair, Al Houni, Ouattara, Bin Hamouda.


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