Nadia Lutfi, who was transformed from an aristocracy to a night girl, dancer and saleswoman


Al-Shaimaa Ahmed Farouk

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Tuesday 4 February 2020 – 1:11 PM
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“Nadia Lutfi”, an actress with a beautiful and calm face, appeared in the cinema in conjunction with four stars on the throne of the championship, such as Faten Hamama, Majida and Madiha Yousry, but she was able to be the hero of Avish cinema in front of the big stars in various roles, despite her subtle features and aristocratic form, but she She managed to break out of the naughty or affluent girl style.

Nadia Lotfy has presented nearly 75 films in a significant period in the history of cinema, and she has 4 films in the top 100 in Egyptian cinema, they are (sins, my father is above the tree, the mummy, and Nasser Salah al-Din). She also worked with senior directors headed by Youssef Chahine. Shadi Abdel Salam, Hussein Kamal, Hassan Imam and others.

Nadia continued to offer characters from an aristocratic society or similar roles in films such as “The Enemy of Women”, “For Men Only”, “Hayat Single”, “Sins”, “Seven Girls”, “My Only Love” and others, until her character was presented in the movie “Palace” Longing, “and then she began to provide roles from the bottom of society.

The scientist’s wife

Zubaydah, or “Zouba,” the scientist, is one of the personalities of the novel writer Naguib Mahfouz, “Qasr Al Shouq”, and her body was screened on the screen by Nadia Lutfi in 1966 in partnership with Yahya Shaheen, Majida Al Khatib, Amal Zayed, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Hala Fakher and others.

She is a personal scientist and folk singer in joys and cabarets who succeeds in catching Mr. Abdul Jawad, the trio champion, in her love, and she can manipulate him, but then falls in love with his son Yassin.

Nadia appeared in a different fashion and in the fashion of the popular worlds, and she performed more than one song that was spreading in this atmosphere at the beginning of the twenties of the twentieth century, such as “Awai spoke to me Baba Jai ​​and Raya”.

Riri Night Girl

In 1967, another of Naguib Mahfouz’s characters embodied “Riri”, a night girl from “The Quail and Autumn”, a girl whose father died at the age of three and raised her mother until the age of 12, who had a relationship with one of the wealthy children in the village, and after To cross her, he left the town, and she fled to Alexandria.

The film was directed by Hossam El Din Mostafa, and it was starring Mahmoud Morsi, Abdullah Ghaith, Laila Shair and Adil Adham, and Nadia changed her form in this film to show the features of a poor night girl in the streets of Alexandria, such as the color of the hair that she changed to black and random makeup.

• Dancer Ferdous

Nadia Lutfi played in the role of “Ferdous” in 1969, and she is a dancer in a nightclub in Alexandria. He meets a university young man and falls in love with him despite the age difference and the social class. When the father comes to save his son, he falls into the trap of the dancers, and a confrontation occurs between them, so Ferdous tells him that he is a victim Her games to get money from him.

The film was starring Abdel Halim Hafez, Mervat Amin, Emad Hamdi, Nabila El Sayed, Samir Sabry, directed by Hussein Kamal, and the story of Ihsan Abdel Quddous.

• The maid got famous

On the story of the writer Youssef Idris, Nadia Lotfy presented the “Shahrat” character in “Kaaa El Madina”, a woman married to a drug addict with several children, who accepts work in homes to bring money to meet their hunger, but she falls prey to the judge who works in his house.

Participated in the film Mahmoud Yassin, Nelly, Tawfiq Al-Dakan, Mimi Shakeeb and George Sidhom, and directed by Hossam El Din Mostafa.

• Exquisite, injured

After “Qasr Al-Shouq”, she collaborated again in 1975 with the director Hassan Al-Imam, to present a dancing character as well, but she is one of the famous names on Imad Al-Din Street, a wonderful Lebanese woman, and the film tells the story of her entire life since childhood in Lebanon and her journey to Egypt, then return to Lebanon again .

The film starring Fouad Al-Muhandis, Najeeb Al-Rihani, Nabila Obaid, Hussein Al-Imam, Imad Hamdi and Nisreen.

Cream of cola seller

“Days of Love” tells about a movie director looking for a new face to star in his movie after the main heroine abandoned the movie, and he meets by chance during his trip to Alexandria a simple girl who works as a Coca-Cola salesman, admires her and decides to be her next hero.

The director turns “Qeshta” into an artist called “Nadia Rifaat” and introduces her to the artistic community, but she cannot hide her truth and the way she talks, and her matter becomes clear to everyone.

The film starring Ahmed Mazhar, Suhair Al-Bably, Abdel-Moneim Ibrahim, Mohamed Reda, Salah Mansour, Adel Adham, Tawfiq Al-Dakan, and directed by Helmy Halim.


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