News of Russia being denied participation in the 2022 World Cup


News now Dubai – United Arab Emirates (follow up)

The International Anti-Doping Agency revealed that the punishment for Russian sports includes participating in the World Cup in Qatar, according to media reports.

The decision of the International Agency to stop Russia for 4 years, besides denying it the hosting of any sporting event, is the maximum possible penalty due to the corruption of doping for a plan that lasted for years, which affected the sport from the opinion of the Anti-Doping Agency.

The International Anti-Doping Agency has decided to suspend Russia for 4 years from various sports forums due to proven doping.

“Wada” issued a statement saying that Russian athletes are not entitled to participate in any world championships held every four years or more, so that they will not be able to participate in the World Cup Qatar twenty-two, while the Russian team will be allowed to participate in the next European Championship because it is continental and not International.

Wada has announced that it banned Russian athletes from participating in all international competitions without clarifying the fate of football competitions.

It is expected that Russia will be absent from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, scheduled for next summer, at a time when Russia is entitled to participate in the next European Nations Championship, as it is a continental, not a global competition.


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