No care .. An Egyptian mother lying 8 days between life and death in the emergency department


With stones and sand on the gallbladder, she caused severe complications, entering “Victoria Abdul Rahman
Suleiman »The 65-year-old is hospitalized in critical condition, and for a week she is suffering
In the “Emergency” section, she did not receive any care, as there are no places available.

According to Victoria’s daughter’s statements to the site “Echo of the Country” and the medical papers it contains
She took it, and her mother entered the emergency department of the Insurance Hospital in Nasr City, where it caused
Her gallstones stones are unbalanced and unconscious.

In addition to impaired liver and kidney function, a permanent decrease in blood pressure, she says
Her daughter said that the doctors agreed that she needed to enter care immediately, because her condition was late
They confirmed that there were no empty spaces and that she had to wait in the emergency until a bed was available.

Victoria stays in the emergency without help, and according to what her daughter claimed, the treatment is
The only one who is given it is the “Levo” to treat blood pressure, he stressed
Doctors need to have a speculum to extract the stones so that they can give them medications

According to her daughter’s statements, they refused an Eko or Resonance procedure, and she is still in a department
The emergency was not reserved for treatment, and they requested endoscopy at Yassin Hospital
Abdul Ghaffar Makram Obaid.

The daughter says: “My mom is dying! Eko and virtue of her ringing made her work, but the telescope.”
She asked for an ambulance, and when it came, a doctor was required to go with her from the hospital, but they refused
They said there is no doctor Fadi, and she is not impounded .. For the ambulance walked and my mother dies, we work

did not
The sad daughter of her mother, before her eyes, finds that she is unable to save her
Communication sites to spread her mother’s condition everywhere may find help to remedy the situation
And save the mother.


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