Not my children … the last thing a husband said before he committed suicide with poison inside the Mit Ghamr court


“The children of the two countries are not states, not from me, Janas Hefdal, I say they are not my children.” With these words, the father kept screaming inside the family court until he appeared before the judge to tell his story, accusing his wife of having given birth to them from another, because she and her children do not deserve anything from him.
The judge decided to postpone the case until the husband was brought to the forensic medicine, so the husband, who has been going through a while in a bad psychological state since he had a bear, had collapsed feeling that the two children were not his children, and he took a deadly poison to end his life in front of everyone in the courtroom, and the truth is not known to anyone.

His wife said that there are problems between them, especially after he accused her of having given birth to another, which prompted her to ask for a divorce, but his condition worsened.The family court in Mit Ghamr had witnessed a tragic accident, as a husband committed suicide during the consideration of a case that denied the proportions before the judge and those present, among everyone’s amazement.

Major General Fadel Ammar, Director of Dakahlia Security, received a notification from the Department of Mit Ghamr stating that a 49-year-old Bessem worker committed suicide inside the Family Court in Mit Ghamr, in the amazement of the attendees, after the judge requested that he be referred to forensic medicine for analysis, and that he was examined to prove the denial of a child’s lineage to him, which He led to his poison eating during his discussion with the judge after he lost hope in achieving what he wanted.

The husband was transferred to Mit Ghamr Hospital in bad condition, where he breathed her last and released a report of the incident.

Witnesses confirmed that the husband was in a bad psychological state, and he questioned the proportions of his two children and that they were not his children, and that he did not let that escape from paying alimony as some promoted, but because he did not trust the wife.

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