Notice of Muhammad Ramadan imprisonment because of the song “Bam Bam”


A lawyer filed a complaint against the artist Mohamed Ramadan, requesting that he be imprisoned for promoting alcohol, rape and perversion in his last song (Bam Bam).

The author stated that the song promotes alcohol and anomalies and incites the rape of women with scenes that the author described as nauseating.

He added: The promotion of alcohol is prohibited by any means in accordance with the Law on the Prohibition of Drinking Wine, No. 63 of 1976 in Articles 3, 6 and 8, and is punishable by 6 months imprisonment and a fine.

He continued: The same punishment shall be imposed on the person responsible for publishing this advertisement by any means, which is of course the company producing this work.

He added: The song also includes promoting homosexuality, where Ramadan imagines that he embraces one of the girls with the utmost vulgarity, and soon he discovers that the girl is really a man, and another scene shocking to enter Ramadan on one of the women pigeons several times and then decides to rape her by the act of alcohol while he is happy and smiling that Contrary to his usual pornographic references and nudity that became a feature of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan.

He continued: incitement to acts contrary to morality with a pictorial (video clip) for the purpose of trafficking and distribution. The penalty is five years in accordance with the provisions of Article 296 and 178 of the Penal Code.

The lawyer concluded his communication, which carried No. 7246 of 2020, the petitions of the Public Prosecutor to investigate the complaint, and to take the necessary legal measures towards bringing Muhammad Ramadan and those responsible for producing his song (Bam Bam) to a speedy criminal trial on charges of promoting alcohol, homosexuality, rape of women, and the application of the above-mentioned charges.


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