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The Big Brother Episode 26 The events of the twenty-sixth episode of the “Big Brother” series presented by the well-known artist “Mohamed Ragab” are witnessing many developments that seek to attract the attention of viewers, as Harbi decides to surrender to the police, in order to save his father from the murder in which he was accused, after the police discovered The presence of a corpse in the workplace of a war father.

Series Big Brother, Episode 26

The episode also witnesses the attempt to kill Nour, who plays the role of the famous artist, “Ayten Amer”, as she is the only witness in the case in which Harbi Karama is accused of killing his sister, but stands next to Saber, who had shot the young man who appeared next to his wife in the video, And that was after Harbi managed to reach him, and forced him to confess, in front of the people of Saber, after they refused to bury Safiya in the graves located in the country, and when firing by Saber the police came, but he managed to escape with Harby.

The Big Brother series, the twenty-sixth episode

The last episode of the Big Brother series witnessed very strong events, where Harbi managed to kidnap the young man who photographed his sister before she went to the police, and the episode also witnessed a verbal argument between Abeer, who plays the role of the artist Dina Fawaa and her husband, because of taking him to Nour, Played by actor Aiten Amer.

It is also worth noting that the events of the Big Brother series revolve around the wars of the dignity of the poor young man who lives in the neighborhood of Bulaq Abu El-Ela, and he tries to face many challenges in his life and overcome them, whether at the family or scientific level, and the series has managed to achieve a very great success, and it has become one of the series Waiting for millions in homes.

The Big Brother series, starring Mohamed Ragab

The Big Brother series will be shown from Saturday to Wednesday at 8 pm, and the episode will be broadcast again during the first three periods at 11 pm on the “CBC Drama” channel and the second in the next morning at 11 am through CBC channel, and the last show will be through “CBC Drama” at 2 pm.

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