Omar Kamal by Hany Shaker, after he stopped singing: Why do you stop living?


Face Singer Omar KamalThe owner of the song “Bint Al Jeeran”, through “The Seventh Day”, a message for the artist Hany Shaker after he issued a decision to stop the festival singers from working, singing in tourist places and holding parties, saying: “This is my first mistake and I apologize for it. Parental song, I have all my work lost because of this decision, why cut off my good life, I literally ruin my house. “

And it was Festivals singer Omar KamalThe owner of the song “Bint Al Jeeran” with Hassan Shakoush expressed his sadness after the decision of the artist Hany Shaker, the captain of the musical professions, to prevent festivals’ artists from working in tourism and holding parties, saying: “The decision destroyed us and my house was ruined and I don’t know what to do.”

Kamal added in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”: “I am a unionist and forbidden singer who works with me like this, we apologized for the words that were in the song (The Girl of Neighbors), and we made a live broadcast of a 14-minute video I and Hassan Shakush, we explained all that happened in The stadium, and we are ready to brain anybody just to forgive us. “

Kamal continued: “The decision of Professor Hani Shaker Debbako and my home is ruined, I got contracted payments from parties and currently the owners are mine and needy people return all the money and more, but this is because the owners of the parties after this will be afraid to deal with me again for fear that the party will be canceled suddenly.”

The musician captain Hany Shaker issued an important warning on all tourist establishments, Nile cruises, nightclubs and cafes, not to deal with festivals..

The Syndicate issued a statement saying that within the framework of the societal controversy taking place on the Egyptian scene and the existence of a near agreement between all communities of society on the bad situation that is threatening art and public culture because of the so-called festivals songs, which are a type of music and rhythms of the visitor and suggestive words entrenching customs and revelations that are not Moral in many of them, and these festivals have produced what is called “instinct listeners”, and the festival’s performer has become the legitimate father of this artistic and moral decline, and this state of degradation has tempted some movie stars in the effective and strong contribution to this insecurity..

The captain of the musical professions explained that the conditions for membership or permits for the union to sing are not only based on the validity of the voice, but also there are general conditions that must be met by the applicant for membership or permission, which are commitment to the higher values ​​of society and ethical custom and the choice of words that do not incite vice or bad habits, and that The Voting Test Committee is just a first stage, then the Council convenes to consider the remaining conditions.

Artist Hany Shaker confirmed that he did not accept what happened recently from verbal abuse in a ceremony held at Cairo Stadium by one of these Hassan Shakoush, and encroached on words that violate the values ​​of custom and encroach on the established principles of the Egyptian society, and that he and the Syndicate Council will review all permits for singing or union membership in Light of standards and values ​​accepted by society.


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