On the anniversary of his passing .. 9 information about the artist Abu Bakr Ezzat


Today marks the anniversary of the departure of the artist Abu Bakr Ezzat, who
He presented many works of art that remain immortal in the memory and history of the Arab viewer

We monitor for you on this occasion 9 information about Abu Bakr Ezzat:

Born in the Sayyida Zeinab neighborhood, specifically on August 8

Graduated from the College of Arts, Department of Sociology
Then he joined the Free Theater Company after graduating in 1959.

– Author Kawthar Haykal married and gave birth to her
His two daughters are Mrs. Samah, the wife of doctor Khaled Montaser, and Ms. Amal, the wife of director Khaled Al-Ittrabi.

– The roles assigned to him in the framework of the Minister of Women
He performed it professionally, including his role in films: “Miramar, the Woman and the Cleaver,” as he played the villain
Dude to escape and the emperor to that

– One of his most famous plays is a year with work
Tasty, wasp, inspector general, red pajamas, longing palace, and formal attire.

Among his films:

Women, cleaver and tears
Her Majesty, against the government, running away, afraid of something, mouths, rabbits, Chileans, Achilles, and forbidden
Miramar and idol of the masses, 30 days in prison and black glasses.

– From the series in which he participated
: People, money, Arabesque, Zezenia, the pain of distance, and the daughter of Ephedina, and she graciously railed and fell
In Beersheba and on Al-Zibak.

In 1996 he won the Best Actor Award
At the Cairo Film Festival for his role in the film The Woman and the Cleaver.

He passed away on February 27, 2006 in a hospital
Al-Safa, Mohandessin, following a sudden heart attack that struck him while he was going to film the series
“And my first year passed.”


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