On the anniversary of the death of Alaa Wali al-Din … the story of his tragic death and his purchase of his washing tools


Today, Tuesday, February 11, commemorates the passing away of the artist Alaa Wali Al Din 17, who presented a number of good artworks that the public admired, despite the few.

And the comedian Ala Wali Al-Din expected, in televised statements, of his death, saying: “I died soon, and I bought a new burial, and I had to catch musk with which I was washing”, this is what the artist Ala Wali Al-Din said before his departure.

According to the relatives of the artist, 3 months before his death, Alaa Wali Al-Din bought a cemetery in Nasr City, near the “fulfillment and hope” behind the tombs of Sheikh Kishek, to gather him and his family after his departure.

The brother of the artist Alaa Wali Al-Din said that the late star performed Umrah 5 times, and at his last age he bought a certain “musk” from the Hijazi lands for washing the dead, and gave him to his younger brother Khaled, and he said to him: “Leave the needs of this with you, and when I die, they wash me with it.”

Alaa Wali Al Din recommended to his brother that these tools should be used for washing and preparing for burial upon his death.

A few months before his death, the late artist Alaa Wali Al-Din told his brother Moataz that he wanted to retire, saying: “I myself am letting myself go to work and work in Medina, and I sit at the messenger, oh uncle of this art. Sit with the Prophet. “


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