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The One Palestinian State project was not just a slogan raised by Arab national liberation movements, led by Abdel Nasser, in the sixties of the last century, but rather an integrated political vision based on the refusal to divide Palestine between Arabs and Jews, and adherence to one secular / civil state in historic Palestine, living on its land Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Although the two-state solution remained the basis of the settlement after the defeat of 67 and the victory of 73, then President Sadat entered into peace negotiations with Israel, followed by the PLO joining the path of a peaceful settlement, which resulted in the Oslo agreement that also started from the two-state solution.

Israel has been evading the implementation of this solution, and it did not implement United Nations Resolution 242, which stipulates the withdrawal of Israel from the territories it occupied in the 1967 war and calls for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Since the beginning of the third millennium, Israel has expanded settlement building and annexation of lands from the West Bank, and has Judaized Jerusalem, and Trump’s settlement plan came to eliminate any real opportunity to implement a two-state solution that was rejected by a limited stream of Israelis and 107 democratic representatives in Congress, alongside the European Union Commission, and did not The refusal of Fatah and Hamas changes little of the current power balances, because their division remained one of the main reasons behind Trump’s presentation of this plan without any Palestinian or Arab partner in it.

In fact, the two-state solution is practically impossible, but the question: Is it more feasible for Arabs and Palestinians to present the one-state motto as the ultimate goal of the Palestinian struggle, even if it is difficult instead of the two-state solution, which has become more difficult?

The one-state goal is not just a slogan for local consumption added to other slogans raised by the Arabs to discharge it and its result was more failure, because adopting this goal requires difficult entitlements and options that may be made by another generation other than ours, and is based first on the shift from a mobilization discourse to fight Israel to a civil discourse It works to build a state of equality and full citizenship in historical Palestine, which is not easy and requires a change in the Jewish nature of the state that Netanyahu set as a constitutional and legal basis for Israel.

What is certain is that the defenders of this project will be mostly Arabs of 1948, and with them a segment of Israelis voted tens of thousands of them for the Arab list in the recent elections, and this means in Arabic to communicate with these, which is still forbidden and condemned according to the Arab discourse rejecting normalization, and Hamas’s rejection of the Jews.

The one-state project has many benefits that many of us (including this writer) are still not prepared to do, because they will not change what they were brought up for decades in years.

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