Oscar winner director criticizes Apple .. Find out why


The 92nd Academy Awards ceremony started in Los Angeles yesterday, but among all the winners, one man stands out more than others because he used the presence of the party to criticize Apple, where director Tika Whitetti, who won the Academy Award for Best Screenplay adapted from Jojo Rabbit, To the media after the award ceremony ended and launched a violent attack on Apple.

According to the Indian TOI website, when Whitey asked about the upcoming American Book Association negotiations, the director focused his anger on Apple, specifically its keyboards, which he says are “impossible to write on.”

“Apple needs to fix its keyboards, it is impossible to write on – it got worse,” he said, explaining that the Apple keyboard was so bad that it made him want to switch to a desktop computer.

“It makes me want to go back to my desktop computer, because the Apple keyboard is so difficult, while the desktop computer keyboard is much better for your fingers,” Whitetti said.

And reporters who use Apple laptops asked about this problem pointing out that they knew what he was talking about, and “Whitetti” had not finished his criticism of Apple to address some details about how Apple’s consoles affected him negatively, as he said that he has problems Shoulder and suffers from excessive occupational syndrome.

But Apple has yet to make any comment on what Whiteti said, and it is not clear what Apple keyboard it uses, but with the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Apple has replaced the keyboard after many users have complained about its mechanism and how Their use was inconvenient.


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