Peace is good .. Tamer Hosni fixes what the neighbor’s girl spoiled between Omar Kamal and Shakoush


The artist Omar Kamal Najm, the song “Bint Al Jeeran”, published a picture that he shared with the star Tamer Hosni and Hassan Shakoush on his personal page on the social networking site Instagram.

Omar wrote a comment, saying: “Direct now, peace is good under the auspices of the global Tamer Hosni, our elder brother, and there is no need, and God willing, who is good.”The audience interacted a great deal with this picture, wishing them more successful works that bring them together and commented the artist, Mohamed Shaheen, saying, “God bless you and goodness, God willing.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Omar Kamal recently announced through his page on the Social Media, in contrast to the artist Hassan Shakoush, and despite that, both of them participated in singing yesterday in the ceremony held in Cairo Stadium to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Omar Kamal and Shakosh with Tamer Hosny

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