Pictures: Doctors in China raise the slogan “No time to sleep” in the face of Corona


China is racing against time to confront the new “Corona” virus, which Chinese authorities announced Monday, has so far caused the death of more than 362 people out of more than 17,000 infected, and spread to more than 26 countries around the world while most of them were suspended Countries have flights to and from China, and some have evacuated their nationals residing in China and quarantined them as a precaution. .

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The Chinese government newspaper “People’s Daily” published some touching pictures of doctors and nurses getting comfortable in difficult situations, after hard work inside health centers to treat patients of the deadly “Corona” virus .

In the photos, where it seems that there is no time and “no place” to sleep, the owners of the white coats and muzzles hijack an uncomfortable fast sleep on the chairs, while others seem to be spreading the floor in the laboratories, amid an atmosphere of anxiety with the increase in hospital visitors..

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It appears that the pressure of work at Coronas treatment facilities makes it difficult for medical personnel to return to their homes to obtain relief, especially since a large number of them are seconded from other regions, according to previous reports.

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People Daily said, “They like to keep things organized and clean, but in the critical stages you can see these sleeping conditions everywhere. They are doctors and nurses who used their medical coats as shields when the virus came to protect their patients from death. They face death and the virus alone and they all have Esteem, She adds: “They fight for us. They fight the virus. They are parents, sons and daughters“.

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China is urging steps to build hospitals at record speeds in central Chinas Wuhan city, from which the virus has spread.

The authorities decided to establish at least 4 medical centers within 10 days, in Wuhan’s Hubei Province, including a hospital that opened its doors for the treatment of “Corona” patients after only two days of construction work.

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