Prince Harry and Megan ignore Madonnas invitation … and prefer to buy a private home for them in Los Angeles


It appears to invite the pop star Madonna “61 years” for the royal couple Prince Harry And his wife Megan Markle By staying at her home in New York instead of Canada, she did not find a response from them, and the sources confirmed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanted to spend more time in Los Angeles and buy a house in her near Megan’s family and friends in California.
The royal couple, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan, are staying at Vancouver Palace, which he rented from them months ago, and is estimated by experts at “10” million pounds, on the Canadian island of Vancouver.
A source close to the duo Harry and Meghan told People magazine that Prince Harry and his wife Megan will not leave Canada to stay all the time in Los Angeles, but rather they plan to have two homes in both Canada and the United States, so they search daily for a suitable home to buy online. .
The Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, has a strong network of relationships and friendships in her hometown of Los Angeles, where her mother lives periodically, and she and her husband want to divide their time between Canada and the Golden City of Los Angeles technically.
The couple believe that their lifestyle in Los Angeles will be easier, more pleasant, more enjoyable and calmer, in which they can enjoy hiking, yoga in comfort and relaxation, and Megan can cook at her comfort alongside her mother.
Harry and Megan prefer to enjoy greater privacy, calm and relaxation with their baby Archie and their pet dogs.
Megan Markle talked earlier about growing up in Los Angeles, and she is like any California girl who treats her problems and stresses by walking on the beach or yoga or by taking an avocado.

Raise the level of security arrangements at the Canadian Palace of Vancouver

Canadian Vancouver Palace where Prince Harry and Meghan reside
Canadian Vancouver Palace where Prince Harry and Meghan reside

The Royal duo Harry and Meghan raised the level of security arrangements in their Canadian mansion, where they installed security cameras along the beach in front of the main facade of their palace, and put a white cloth curtain between the trees and in front of the main metal doors of the palace alongside a sign in which he asked “non-infringement and penetration” Property of others “, to enjoy some privacy and to prevent paparazzi lenses.
Lawyers for Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, issued a legal warning to the media after filming Megan Markle without her permission or approval during her picnic with her son Archie and her pet dogs in a Canadian park.
After the royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan, was established for more than 3 months in Canada, conversations and reports are still escalating over who will pay their heavy security costs.
In the latest poll in Canada, three-quarters of Canadian citizens said they would not pay for their taxes on the security of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

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