“Professional in selection” .. The comments of the “pioneers” in the name of the girl born


02:43 PM

Saturday 08 February 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi:

The Egyptian star, Mohamed Salah, had his second child, in the early hours of this morning, Saturday, which he called “Kyan”.

A number of “Masrawy” followers interacted on “Facebook” with the news and chose the name, congratulating the Egyptian player on the happy news, as Tariq Adel said: “Abu Makkah came to a new baby and named it Kayan Mabrouk Yaqing, and Mohamed Abdel Razek:” God bless you and make it the apple of the eyes of her parents. “.

While Mayar Ahmed commented: “Muhammad Salah called him his daughter Kayan, and Ibrahim Shalata participated:” A professional even in choosing the names of his daughters. “

Omar Bahloul commented, “A thousand million congratulations, Abu Makkah, and you are raised in your glory, but I feel that the name is a little strange.” Ahmed Fawzi said: “Makkah has the right to rose, it is better in any case. Congratulations, Abu Salah, you are raised in your honor.” May God bless him and the sweetest entity in the world. “

The opinions of the followers varied between liking the name, while others were surprised.

“Masrawy” knew that it was Muhammad Salah who proposed the name “Kayan” to be launched on his second child, as the first proposal was through his eldest daughter, “Makkah”, who wanted to be called “Rose.”

In 2013, Mohamed Salah married his wife, Magi, who hails from the village of “Najrij”, the birthplace of the Egyptian star.

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