PS5 Leaks: New Details About One Of Sony’s Most Important Features


New leaks have emerged that reveal more details about the most important feature of devices PS5 New from Sony, as Xbox Series X and PS5 are supposed to have the same basic hardware components from CPU and GPU, and both platforms will offer similar performance, but Sony may have a superior advantage over Xbox when it comes to storage speed, and that Although both devices will have fast hard drives.

Regardless of the fact that Sony and Microsoft have not spoken publicly about the amount of storage space built into each platform, but Sony revealed that it is rethinking the method of installing the game in order to free up the largest possible storage space, and at the same time, the new platforms will allow a richer experience in graphics and games, The PS5 will support 100 GB disks, so don’t be surprised to see future PS5 games that may take up more space than PS4 games.

A leak issued a few days ago indicated that the PS5 developer groups, which are used by major developers, contain 1 TB of SSD capacity, which may be an indication of the minimum storage space for the final versions of the new PS5, while another separate report said: Sony is offering up to 2 terabytes of storage.

While SSD hard drives have become considerably inexpensive, they are still much more expensive than HDD drives, and Sony has to find the right balance, as players need a lot of fast storage space on the platform, which should not be Too expensive for players.

According to the site LetsGoDigital, The Dutch blog has found brands of three Samsung SSDs, including Unstoppable Speed, NVMe SSD 980 EVO and NVMe SSD 980 QVO, although there is no mention of the Samsung name anywhere in the documents presented by the Office European Union of Intellectual Property (EUIPO), however, the names are almost identical to the method of naming Samsung products.

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LetsGoDigital notes that the PS5 is unlikely to include the more expensive 980 EVO drives, instead, it is likely to include the Samsung 980 QVO, which may explain why Samsung postponed the announcement and registration of these products only within the European Union Intellectual Property Office , And the 980 QVO could be much cheaper than the 980 EVO, which helps Sony keep the PS5 at $ 500.

It is reported that January came and went without Sony announcing the upcoming PlayStation Meeting 2020 event, which many people believe will happen in February 2020, and reports stated that the company intends to unveil the new platform early in the month, which is not possible in The current time, however, it seems that the end of February is the best bet to unveil the PS5.

Although Sony has yet to announce its intention to hold a media event on the topic, we have seen a lot of evidence that seems to indicate that Sony is preparing to announce the new platform, including new brand documents presented by Sony to regulators before the official launch of the platform.

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