Pyramids Coach: The referee “changed his decision” before Al-Ahly’s goal


Mahmoud Fathallah, the general coach of the Pyramids club, confirmed that the referee Ibrahim Nour El-Din changed his decision before scoring the goals to win against the two teams.

Al-Ahly snatched a win in the 90 + 2 minute to Pyramids to achieve the first victory in the history of the two teams’ direct confrontations after three consecutive defeats in the League and Cup.

In statements to “On Sport” channel, Mahmoud Fathallah said: “The referee counted a goal kick in the calculated time instead of lost time, then he changed his decision in a moment and pointed to a corner kick for Al-Ahly.”

Fathallah added: “Once the referee referred to a goal hit, Mahdi Suleiman got the ball to start an attack on his team with a goal kick, but in a moment I refer to a corner kick that Al-Ahly performs quickly and score a goal that we have nothing to do with.”

In additional statements to MBC Egypt, Mahmoud Fathallah confirmed that Pyramids filed a complaint against referee Ibrahim Nour El-Din with the Egyptian Football Association because of what he did at the end of the match.

The Pyramids coach concluded: “We felt wronged after the referee changed his decision, and we went to the pitch to protest and asked him why he did that? The sense of injustice is normal and the Pyramids players have a justification for their anger.”


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