Pyramids issues an official statement to comment on the crisis, adhering to the non-broadcasting of its match against Al-Ahly


Pyramids Club officials issued a new official statement to comment on the crisis of adherence to not broadcasting its match against Al-Ahly scheduled for Thursday, within the competitions of the sixteenth round of the Premier League competition, and officials affirmed in the statement that the relationship with Al-Ahly and its fans is solid, and that the match will be broadcast on the Egyptian TV and channel Red Genie in the event that no agreement is reached to broadcast it on satellite channels.

In the statement, the Pyramids Club affirmed its full pride in Al-Ahly Club, its management and its great fans. All Egyptian clubs, departments and fans, and stresses that Al-Ahly is a role model for us, and that its historical status is preserved and cannot be compromised one day, and no one can bid on it in any way, and that Al-Ahly and its fans have no relationship from near or far regarding the decision not to broadcast tomorrow’s match On the contrary, in the event that the club does not reach an agreement, Pyramids will give the match free of charge to the Egyptian TV to broadcast the meeting on the ground, as well as to the management of Al-Ahly to broadcast it on the club’s channel, in a good and friendly gesture to Al-Ahly and its great fans.

The draw for the quarter-finals of the African Confederation held in a hotel in the 6th of October region resulted in Pyramids facing the Zambian team Zanaco, where the first-round matches will be played on March 1 on the clubs of the second-ranked clubs, and the return of 8 of the same month on the stadiums of first-class clubs.

Eight teams are competing, including Pyramids, Al-Masry, Horya El-Ghiny, Al-Nasr Al-Libby, Nahdat Berkane El-Maghraby, Zanko Zambian, Hassania Agadir El-Maghraby and Animba El-Nigeria.

The first category includes the clubs that topped the four groups, namely, Pyramids, Nahdet Berkane, Houria and Hassania Agadir, while the second will be in Egypt, Zanako, Al-Nasr and Enyimba, and the list stipulates that two teams from the same group will not be together again in the quarter-finals.

Pyramids took the lead in his group with 15 points from winning in five confrontations and losing in a single meeting against the Nigerian Rangers 1-0. Al-Masry Al-Port Said came second with 10 points.


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